Time's Running Out For Missing Welch Girl's Mother To Learn What Happening To Her Daughter

Thursday, October 22nd 2020, 6:45 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Craig County -

Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible went missing 20 years ago. In the decades since their disappearance, Lauria's mother--Lorene--has done everything in her power to bring her daughter home.

"I'm like a bulldog. I'm out to find my answers, and I'll do whatever it takes to do it," said Lorene. "We need to bring these girls home."

Lorene has liver failure and was recently hospitalized. Her family said she deserves answers and to know where Lauria is hidden.

"In the last year or so her health has declined immensely," said Lisa Brodrick.

Lisa Brodrick and Melissa Dixon are Lorene's nieces. They said Lorene hasn't stopped trying to find Lauria for 20 years, but now she is facing a health crisis.

"She's now in stage 4 liver failure," Lisa said.

In 1999, investigators said Lauria and Ashley were kidnapped on the night of Ashley's 16th birthday.

Investigators said Freeman's parents were murdered, and they believe the girls were tortured and killed, but their bodies were never found.

Ronnie Busick is the last remaining suspect in the case. He was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for accessory to murder.

Throughout the two decades of searching, Lauria's family hasn't given up hope.

"Having that glimpse of hope if someone comes forward even with that small tidbit that might be nothing," said Melissa.

The family said Lorene must have a liver transplant and can't have a living donor. They said she deserves peace, and they are urging anybody who might still have information about the case to come forward now.

"We want to make that plea if this is what it takes for someone to understand just how sick she is she deserves to know where her daughter is, she's wanted nothing more than the last 20 years to know where she is," Lisa said.

To report a tip about a missing persons case, call 918-772-7568 or email coldcase@osbi.ok.gov