Horn, Bice Compete In News 9 Debate Ahead Of Heated Race For Congress

Wednesday, October 14th 2020, 10:33 pm

The two candidates vying for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District seat discussed their views on a range of topics in a News 9 debate that premiered Wednesday night. 

Incumbent Rep. Kendra Horn (D) and State Sen. Stephanie Bice (R) answered questions on the country’s coronavirus response, mask mandates, police reform, election security, and more in the debate, which was recorded on Tuesday. 

News 9’s Washington D.C. Bureau Chief, Alex Cameron asked the candidates if Congress should pass a second COVID-19 relief package. 

“I'm not afraid to stand up to packages that don't make sense,” Horn said. “I voted against Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi and an unwise $3-plus trillion packages twice because they didn't meet those 3 ‘T's’ of good government. They weren't timely, targeted, and transparent.” 

“I do think that additional funding should go to schools and municipalities, but Nancy Pelosi will not put up individual votes for these types of packages,” Bice said. “Kendra you voted for Pelosi as your first vote in Congress and you continue to stand by her at every turn.” 

Watch the full debate here.