Suspect Charged In Hit-And-Run Involving 5 Victims Claims Self-Defense

Wednesday, October 14th 2020, 10:19 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

SHAWNEE, Okla. -

Tamaree Kimmel, 18, is charged with five counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Pottawatomie County after police said she used her car to hit several victims.

Police report one young woman was severely injured, and said Kimmel is allegedly intentionally hit four others with her vehicle and then took off.

"I was over here, and my neighbors were going nuts, telling me that I needed to call the cops. I was on the phone, waiting for the dispatcher to answer my call, and about that time I heard a real loud thump," said Melissa Brown, a witness.

The date of the accident was September 15.

Brown, who called 911, said she and others have formed a neighborhood watch group on their street.

Days earlier police were called to the same street and Brown said the drama had been escalating to this moment.

When Shawnee police arrived, the report witnesses told them Daisha Carpenter and her younger brother had been hit by the car driven by Kimmel.

Daisha was taken OU Med where she is reportedly still recovering.

Reports show Kimmel is also accused of intentionally hitting another vehicle that had three people inside.

Witnesses were able to tell police the direction the suspect went.

"Old girl took off. I told the cops and told dispatch you will catch her down at Sonic. That's where they caught her, at Sonic," said Brown.

Police said Kimmel had minor injuries.

Court documents revealed Kimmel believed she was "justified" in her actions because she had been jumped by a group of girls and used her car to escape, and said it was "self-defense" and "retaliation."

"She went in there saying she was the victim and that she needed help, but that she is the one that ran someone over," said Brown.

Police told Kimmel she had multiple chances to leave the scene and could have called police, instead of hitting the victims.

She was arrested and taken to jail but has since bonded out.

Her next court date is December 1.