Okla. Co. District Attorney Investigating Spencer Police Chief For Alleged Misconduct

Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 10:31 pm
By: Bonnie Campo


Investigators confirmed Spencer Police Chief Marcus Thurman is under investigation by the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office.

District Attorney David Prater said as of now, there are no charges filed against Thurman.

The victim, Jasmine Bartlett, said the alleged case has been in the making since 2019.

Bartlett was 18, and a student at Star Spencer High School.

She said she got into a fight with another student and they were both issued tickets.

Bartlett said while she was ready to face her punishment, the chief allegedly helped toss out the charges.

Bartlett is now 19, and said, “He began to say I owed him favors, I am like what are you talking about?”

She claims Thurman harassed her by showing up to her work, and repeatedly texting her with no response.

“A monster is not just a demon with horns on it,” said Bartlett. “Who would want to hear my side of the story against the police chief?”

Jasmine said she held onto the messages as proof of the harassment.

When Jasmine went to the department to make a report with a different city employee she was confronted by the chief.

“He asked me can he be in the room. I was like no, I refuse to be in the room with him when I am telling him what is happening,” she said. “He is in the room anyways right next to me.”

News 9 contacted Thurman Tuesday morning. He said he was previously friends with the family, and this is an attempt to make him look bad.

He added that Bartlett’s case was dismissed because the other student involved in the fight moved out of state, and the case needed her as a witness.

As for the text messages, Thurman said the following:

“I was not trying to be inappropriate. I was not trying to be creepy. We were all joking back and forth. They took the stuff I was texting as a joke, and they knew it was a joke and they turned it around and used it against me,” said Thurman.

Bartlett said this is not a joke, and not a laughing matter.

She said had to take her case to the DA's office to get someone to take action.