2 Former Okla. Co. Detention Center Officers Charged With Assault And Battery

Monday, October 5th 2020, 5:10 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

Oklahoma County prosecutors charged two jailers for allegedly beating an inmate. The two are no longer employed at the Oklahoma County Detention Center, according to jail officials.

They said detention officer Ebony Rogers was fired and detention officer Patrick Smith resigned his position.

The now former staffers are accused of using excessive force against an inmate.

The recently filed court papers named three senior detention officers but only Smith and Rogers were under scrutiny. They have each been charged with one count of assault and battery for beating an inmate who did not pose a threat to them. 

It was alleged that Jacob Soto, 35, was out of his cell in the shower area back in August and resisted being put in handcuffs.

As Soto attempted to walk back to his cell, Smith allegedly punched him in the face four times. When Soto fell to the floor the senior detention officer stood over him, striking Soto in the face and head seven more times.

The court papers described Soto held out one arm and covered his head with another arm trying to protect himself from the blows.

When Soto attempted to stand up again, he was tackled to the ground. That was when Rogers joined in and allegedly punched him six times.

The investigator determined that Soto was struck approximately 18 times. The detention officers were never injured or hit during the incident. 

A statement was provided to News 9 by jail administrator and CEO Greg Williams in response to the charges saying:

"The administration works hard every day to ensure our staff has the tools they need to go home safely while also treating detainees in custody with respect. We will continue to provide training and direction to employees that is consistent with that philosophy, and to hold individuals accountable whose actions violate the law."

The former employees are not in custody.

All the information in the investigation was gathered by an Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority officer.