Parents Desperate For Answers, Information 3 Months After Killing Of Son

Tuesday, September 29th 2020, 10:23 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

A heartbroken mother and father are desperate to find their son's killer.

The 19-year-old, Isaiah Pack, was gunned down in June and found dead inside his car near Lincoln and Northeast 50th Street.

“Not knowing who it is, is really scary, it hurts. It's been rough,” said Pack’s mother Jaime Simmons.

Three months later Simmons hasn't accepted that her youngest child is never coming home.

“A lot about him that you miss, but probably hearing that laugh and not knowing what kind of father, how he would mature, and grow up behind this, be a man,” said Simmons.         

Isaiah's father, Ramondo Carr said waking up to his new reality is sometimes too much to bear.

“I think about my son every day. I hurt every day. I never get to see him walk through the door saying, ‘what's up pops?’” said father Carr.          

Pack was at a motel the night he was killed.

“He never saw it coming,” said Carr.       

He died while trying to drive away.

Simmons said her son, an expecting father was just starting to turn his life around.

“Just started being a man, started being a responsible adult. All that was taken from him. Just taken, that fast,” said Simmons.          

Carr said he’s frustrated no one has come forward with information.        

“The shooter has to live with this on his heart. I don't know see how somebody could live with murder on their heart,” said Carr.

Family is left with so many questions, questions they hope Isaiah's son will one day have the answers to.

“Cause he's going to ask a lot of questions. He's going to hurt. He's going to wonder why everybody else has their daddy,” said Simmons.

According to family members, Pack was not robbed of any of his belongings and there were surveillance cameras nearby.