Neighbor Holds Carjacking Suspects At Gunpoint, Waits For Police To Arrive

Thursday, September 24th 2020, 6:21 pm
By: Ashlyn Brothers

TULSA, Okla. -

Tulsa Police arrested two men they said carjacked a woman at gunpoint, then ran from police on Wednesday night.

Police said while those suspects were trying to hide, a man held them at gunpoint until officers got there. Neighbors said that they saw two suspects crash the stolen car, then take off running. Police found the two men hiding on someone's porch nearby.  

Debera Mayberry said she was getting ready for bed when she heard sirens. She said the two suspects drove the stolen car into the apartment complex and crashed it.  

"We heard a big boom,” Mayberry said.  

TPD said one of the suspects threw away some guns while they were running from the car.  

"It's really scary because we have children out here,” Mayberry said. “We have people going, getting off of work at night."  

Tulsa Police said those two men had pointed a gun at a woman earlier in the day and took her car. Officers said that while they were searching for her car, they found another stolen car in the area. Police learned two men had pulled a gun on another woman and stolen that car, as well. Tulsa Police believe the same two men are involved in a total of four car jackings over a week. 

"This is a great example of very proactive and fast police work, and catching bad guys,” said Officer Danny Bean. “These guys are out causing problems, pointing guns. Who knows what can happen?" 

Police also said they appreciate the man who held the two suspects at gunpoint until officers arrived. Police said the men were hiding on that man's porch. He heard the noise, got his gun, and took over from there. 

"We all have our own red flags, right? Do what your gut trusts you to do,” Officer Bean said. “He was armed, and he thought it would be the safest thing probably not just for him but for his surrounding community.” 

 Officers said the two suspects were taken into police custody but haven’t been booked in yet.