Former Funeral Director Takes Plea Deal In Peeping Tom Case

Wednesday, September 23rd 2020, 5:11 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

A peeping Tom case dating back to 2016 came to a close this week with a guilty plea.

The man convicted on 15 charges related to nude videos he took while peering through widows will not do prison time.

The same day Kentrell Brown, 35, a former metro funeral director and embalmer was set to go to trial, he opted for the plea deal.

His attorney said Brown will do 30 days in the Oklahoma County jail and then serve a 10-year suspended sentence.

The now convicted peeping Tom has been in and out of court since 2016 when he was arrested in a breezeway at the Fountain Lake Apartments near Edmond.

A witness told police a man matching Brown's description was looking in a neighbor's window and touching himself.

Police found a bottle of lotion in Brown's pocket and mud on his shoes which matched footprints by windows.

Police also seized a video camera under the front seat of Brown's car that contained videos of nude women captured by looking through windows. The only image investigators could release at the time included a man wearing a t-shirt and a nude woman who had to be cropped out.

Prosecutors charged Brown with more than a dozen counts related to the video evidence.

At Brown's preliminary hearing, his attorney told News 9 his client had nothing to do with the videos.

“This was an old camera he had for a very short period of time,” said Scott Adams, attorney. “He got it from a third party. I don’t know whether or not they are the ones who did it but it is the government’s requirement to prove he made these videos.”

Prosecutors pulled Brown's cellphone records and told the court in 2017 his phone pinged on towers on the same dates and times as the time stamped videos.

Brown's case was supposed to go to trial in March 2020, but one of the state's key witnesses was unavailable.

Brown is a former funeral director and embalmer at two metro funeral homes. He also did volunteer work at local churches and universities.