Oklahoma City Woman Stuck In Florida After Hurricane Sally

Thursday, September 17th 2020, 6:42 am
By: Colby Thelen

Pensacola, Fla. -

It wasn't the vacation to the Sunshine State an Oklahoma City woman was expecting. 

The one thing Terri Cole hasn't seen so far is sunshine. 

"Just watching it rain and blow," says Cole, who arrived in Pensacola, Florida Sunday. 

Staying in a 10th floor condo, she can see the ocean from the window. Category 2 Hurricane Sally made landfall there Wednesday morning. 

"It was a little crazy overnight," she recalls. "You could hear it all night long." 

Cole flew into Houston over the weekend and made the nearly 9-hour drive over to the Florida panhandle. She says they would have turned around had they known what the week would bring. At the time, the hurricane was only a tropical storm, expected to hit parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.

When they first arrived, Cole says they asked the condo staff if they should leave. The staff told them the building was built to withstand hurricanes, but even they didn't know it would be tested.

On Wednesday morning, they thought they may have to evacuate. After walking down 10 flights of stairs, things changed.

"When we got down there, they told us to go back to our rooms." 

While the building lost water, they still have power. Now they watch from their room the impact left behind on the ground. 

"From where I'm at it just looks like water from the ocean flooding everything on the ground." 

Bridges in the area were shut down.

Now, Cole doesn't know when they will open again. 

"I have a flight Saturday morning in Houston to go back to Oklahoma City," she says. "I don't know if I'll make it or not."

Living on the south side of Oklahoma City, Cole is no stranger to severe weather. 

"I've been in tornadoes and earthquakes in Oklahoma, but no hurricanes. This is the first one."

Cole remains hopeful that waters will recede enough to for them to depart Friday. While going a bit stir-crazy indoors, she's also hopeful for at least a little sunshine before the trip back.