OKC Teenager Arrested In Connection To 2016 Cold Case Murder

Thursday, September 10th 2020, 6:25 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Oklahoma City police announced on Thursday that homicide detectives solved a four-year-old cold case. A teenager already in the Oklahoma County Detention Center charged for another murder is now accused of killing an elderly woman inside her home back in 2016.

Both of the victims Antione Thomas, 18, is accused of killing lived alone and their homes were only one mile apart.

The southeast Oklahoma City neighborhood were Ikuko George, 82, lived has not been the same since her 2016 murder. 

Police were called to check the welfare of the woman and that was when they discovered her lifeless body.

“When that happened that was devastating for me,” said Mamie LaViolette, neighbor. “Because I just couldn’t imagine nobody doing anything like that to her because she was a very sweet lady.”

Police said new information connected Thomas to the murder. LaViolette was shocked to hear Thomas was only 13 years old when he allegedly killed the elderly woman.

“Where is his parents?” LaViolette asked. “What type of surrounding, what type of home environment was he in?”

Thomas was charged this year for the death of another elderly woman. He's accused of setting 78-year-old Sara Cleveland's home on fire in May of this year - in an attempt to hide evidence of the killing.

One of the victim's closest friends learned of her death while watching the news.

“I looked and I saw the house and I said well that’s her house,” said Bob Ard, victim’s friend. “And then she said the woman is deceased and I said oh my God, no.” 

People who were close to the victims were relieved to hear Thomas is behind bars.

“I was like this has been a long time,” LaViolette said. “I am so thankful that he was caught.”

Thomas was arrested in July for the most recent murder. He was also charged with first-degree arson in that case.