OU Students Protest For Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday, September 3rd 2020, 3:18 pm
By: Kelsey Kernstine

NORMAN, Oklahoma -

University of Oklahoma students protested Thursday afternoon outside of Evans Hall with a list of demands for its administration.

Doran Walters, a freshman at OU, said she was hoping her experience so far would be much different.

Walters, and more than 100 students have signed a petition demanding changes, "protesting the university’s lack of substantial policy and action to protect us against coronavirus."

Walters said she fears her safety on campus.

"I have a chronic illness and so I’m not immune suppressed, COVID-19 has been known to cause my chronic illness to cause symptoms and so it's really scary for me that I’m not going to know what's going to happen to my body if I get COVID-19,” Walter said.

The protesting students want classes to be moved to an online format especially if the class requires no hands-on learning.

"We want to transition a majority of the classes that aren't experienced based online,” Walters said.

Protesters are also asking for the university to provide COVID-19 testing twice a week for all members of the college community.

Walter said if any faculty members are furloughed or salaries are cut, the university should chop from the top-tiered employees first.

"We want protection for our international students, that is something that is in the air right now and changing,” Walters said.

Walters said they demand that outside organizations should be held accountable as well like bars and Greek life.

"We see students not following the guidelines, we see parties, or the bars on Campus Corner over the weekend with lines packed out the door. We want to make sure that there are sanctions if they're are parties,” Walters said.

There should be no group gatherings with more than 25 people.

"I’ve adjusted my expectations. and I’ve taken a step back from the things i want to do to keep other safe and I don't see the same thing," Walter said.