More Than 100 Public School Districts Sign Up For 'Learn Anywhere Oklahoma' Initiative

Friday, August 14th 2020, 5:23 pm

The state of Oklahoma unveiled its new digital learning initiative, which is set to provide online curriculum for a number of school districts across the state.

It's called "Learn Anywhere Oklahoma" and so far more than 100 public school districts are in the process of enrolling. State leaders said this program is set to assist districts during this unprecedented time.

“This program will allow families, school leaders make good decisions for their students,” said Rebecca Wilkinson, executive director for the statewide Charter School Board. “Keeping them enrolled in their local community schools, but also meeting their unique needs.”

The Learn Anywhere initiative is set to add flexibility and allow each district to transition a class to virtual learning if needed. One school district said this curriculum allows them to teach more than just the basics.

“This learn anywhere curriculum and the amount of courses that are offered will allow or us to offer art at home, computer science at home,” said Cecilia Robinson-Woods, superintendent for Millwood Public Schools.

Robinson-Woods said the program gives them the ability to fill vacancies.

“If we have problems finding a math or science teacher we can have facilitators of those courses,” said Robinson-Woods. “Use the course wear and still deliver meaningful content to students.”

The program is designed in two parts, students in 6th through 12th grade can access course work from a virtual library. Part two allows school districts to pick and choose specific courses for their students for all grades. About $12 million were allocated from the governor's emergency education relief funds to support this program.

School districts have until September 18 to claim their allocated funding. School districts can enroll now at