Multiple Schools In Okla. Co. Experience COVID-19 Cases, Exposures

Friday, August 14th 2020, 5:16 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

The Oklahoma City County Health Department confirms multiple schools in the county have experienced positive COVID-19 cases or possible exposures.

Officials at the health department are working on contact tracing for these cases.

“Some of the schools, they've already begun messaging to parents, but it's really up to the school if they then want to make that public that their school has had an exposure,” LToya Knighten, with the OCCHD, said.

Knighten said an epidemiologist is working with each affected school to contact trace and notify affected parties.

“Parents should definitely remind their children every day, wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance when possible,” Knighten said.

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said it’s the responsibility of both parents and school administrators to keep the community healthy.

“It can be much easier and infect fewer people if we have seating charts during school and wear masks are worn very, very judiciously throughout the day,” Hofmeister said.

Hofmeister said she is not surprised districts are already seeing cases.

“This is exactly what we have been warning our schools to be prepared and if they were to be lax or to not heed the safety protocols that we put forward to the state that this would be inevitable,” Hofmeister said.

While it's not clear how many cases have been reported, the OCCHD confirms they include both student and staff cases.

“The impacted schools have notified parents,” Knighten said.