McClain Co. Ranch Owner Says City Sewage Is Leaking Into Nearby Creek

Thursday, August 13th 2020, 9:30 pm


A McClain County ranch owner said sewage is leaking into a creek his cattle drink out of and is killing them.

The 75-acre property, owned by Ray Davis in Blanchard, has been in the family for decades. Davis believes nearby manholes from the City of Blanchard are leaking sewage into the creek on his property.

“It’s E Coli, I’ve got calves down there in the field, you’ve seen the calves,” said Davis. “I mean their railed up, water, its E. Coli.”

Davis said as many as 20 cows and 10 calves have died. Others are experiencing birthing complications.

He said this is the third time something like this has happened. In February 2019, caught on video were the manholes overflowing.

“I’m telling you I’ve had enough. I’ve lost too many cattle,” said Davis. “This is my livelihood raising cattle. I take pride in what I do. I take pride in my place and they just need to get something done.”

Blanchard City Manager Robert Floyd said nearby beaver dams have caused stagnate water to turn septic.

Davis doesn’t buy it.  

“You can see the water moving, that isn’t stagnate water,” said Davis. “I can take you back here and show you stagnate water. It’s been there for I don’t know how long. The cows are just wading through it.”

As cattle continue to fall ill, Davis said time is ticking to get something done.

“I puked. I’ve got witnesses that watched me puke,” said Davis. “It’s sewer. I know what sewer smells like. That’s sewer.”

Blanchard’s city manager said the beavers will be removed in a couple of days. 

Davis said he’s tried calling the EPA several times but has not gotten a response. 

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is currently investigating the complaint.