OKC Police Bodycam Shows Suspected Drunk Driving Crash, Cleveland County Clerk's Arrest

Thursday, August 13th 2020, 4:39 pm

Police body camera video shows the arrest of the Cleveland County clerk accused of drunk driving. 

Police said she hit two cars and crossed into oncoming traffic, and this isn’t her first DUI arrest. 

In May, Tammy Belinson was arrested on DUI complaints after police said she slammed her car into several other cars and then crashed into a fire hydrant. 

On Thursday, Oklahoma City police released the bodycam video which shows the direct aftermath of the crash.

Body camera video shows what Oklahoma City police saw when they rolled up on the May 4 crash near SW 104th and Santa Fe. 

“She’s like super drunk so,” one officer said in the recording.

Leaning against her wrecked car, Belinson repeatedly asked cops to call her husband.

Belinson: “Can you call my husband?”

Officer: “No, ma’am. You’re going to jail. Sorry.”

Police said Belinson lost control of her vehicle and hit two other cars right in front of a daycare center.

“So she comes this way like through the grass and spins around in the median thing, and clips him. Comes back out on 134th street, hits that car, ricochets off the curb, comes across oncoming traffic and clips this guy in the rear left as well,” an officer said.

Police found two empty wine boxes and a McDonald's cup full of wine in the car.

“I just saw her behind me, wrecked, and then I came over, she was acting all disoriented so I told her, 'OK, get out of the car.' It seemed like she was drunk. You could smell it a little bit. She got out of the car and I said, 'let me make sure it’s in park,' so I sat in the driver's seat to make sure. I did. I saw the McDonald's cup,” witness Matt Scott told police.

According to the police report, Belinson was slurring her speech and unsteady on her feet. She refused a breath test. 

This is the second time Belinson was arrested and accused of drunk driving since she was elected to the position of county clerk. 

She was arrested on drunk driving complaints in 2010 Norman.

Belinson has not responded to a request for a comment.