OG&E Crews Travel Thousands Of Miles To Help Americans In Need

Thursday, August 13th 2020, 5:14 am
By: Caleb Califano

OG&E crews traveled more than 2,000 miles, helping people impacted by storms across the country.

Crews at OG&E have now moved back to the Midwest and are starting work Thursday in Iowa to help with the damage caused by the Derecho Superstorm. However, for days they did help with damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaias.

According to Jersey Central Power and Light, crews from across the country replaced more than 200,000 feet of wire, more than 500 poles and 2,200 crossarms.  OG&E played a helping hand in that.

Last Thursday they made the 1,500-mile trek to the east coast to do so. They brought more than 40 trucks with them.

Overall, the tropical storm knocked out power to millions across the eastern seaboard where OG&E crews were working.

One man talked about the experience and how he's grateful that he finally has his lights on again with the help from Oklahomans.

"I ask them where they were from and they said Oklahoma. I said oh my cousin lives in Oklahoma City. So, we did a little God bless America and that was it. But I thanked them, and they were great," said Jim Harvey from Northport, New York.

Harvey says besides Oklahoma, he met crews from multiple other states and even Canada. As for OG&E, they start work in Iowa Thursday, where nearly 1,000,000 people are without power.