State Leaders Donate Convalescent Plasma To Help Other COVID Patients

Wednesday, August 12th 2020, 6:20 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois


The governor, legislators and other state leaders met at the Oklahoma Blood Institute Wednesday to spread the word about donating convalescent plasma.

Officials met a man who was treated with the plasma during his COVID-19 recovery.

Keith Townsley explained that he had COVID-19 back in March and was on a ventilator for weeks.

“They were fighting to save my life, a lot of close calls during that time,” Townsley said.

According to Townsley, the convalescent plasma treatment made all the difference in saving his life.

“He gave it to me andmI mean, within just days, it was just like it pushed me over the top,” Townsley said.

The Oklahoma Blood Institute needs more convalescent plasma donations to help more patients like Townsley.

Governor Kevin Stitt organized a challenge for fellow leaders who have recovered from the virus to donate.

“It’s really just like giving blood; just a small little prick and then you sit there,” Stitt said.

OBI CEO Dr. John Armitage applauded the gathering of leaders.

“We’re seeing leaders step up from their positions of authority to show other Oklahomans that it’s easy, it’s impactful, it’s important and it’s part of recovery,” Townsley said.

Townsley himself has already donated following his recovery, in order to pay it forward for other Oklahomans suffering from virus symptoms.

“I believe it made all the difference. Just so quickly, I responded,” Townsley said.

Anyone interested in donating convalescent plasma can sign up on or call one of the Oklahoma Blood Institute Centers.