Helping Children Adjust To Masks As They Return To School

Wednesday, August 12th 2020, 6:42 am
By: Caleb Califano

Edmond -

Lauren Sorgen is a busy mother of three, and since March she's had all of her kids at home because of COVID-19.

Soon the fun in the driveway will be put on hold as the kids go back to something they haven't see since spring break started - school.

"I think they are ready to get back to that structure that the classroom provides," said Sorgen.

Sorgen's kids are all in Edmond Public Schools and officially go back August 20. She said besides teaching them about the importance of masks, she wants to also make them interesting and fun, with cool designs.

"I think them knowing that they have something fun on their face is a little more exciting for them to keep them on," she said.

Casey Hester is pediatrician with OU Children's hospital, she said masks can be a tricky issue especially with children returning to school.

"It really does need to be normalized by the family, kids are always going to follow their family and parents as role models," said Hester.

Hester said kids, especially with sensory issues may want a lighter mask that goes around the neck instead of ears. However, she does emphasize each child is different.

As for Lauren, she is spending the last few weeks with her kids before returning to school. Tips and tricks aside, shes wants her kids to know why the simple covering on their face can be such a big deal, and to wear it with a good attitude.

"Or first rule when we put on a mask is to wear a smile behind them," said Sorgen.