Couple Arrested After Making Pit-Stop Following Multi-County Police Chase

Friday, August 7th 2020, 9:27 pm


Wesley Harris, 27, and 43-year-old Christine Smallwood are in custody after a police chase that spanned in both Oklahoma and Cleveland County.

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Around 11:15 a.m. deputies spotted the couple while conducting surveillance and knew the two were wanted for crimes out of LeFlore County. 

When investigators tried to pull the suspects over, they drove off.

"They saw a pick-up that was associated with the two suspects. They tried to pull the truck over, but the truck did not stop," said Mark Myers of the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office. "It ended up getting on I-40, and speeds got dangerous. At one point, deputies called off the pursuit."

At that point, the couple switched vehicles.

Witnesses said this bright yellow hummer made a pit-stop at a gas station off 149th Street and Anderson Road.

"He came back and got a couple cans of Dr. Pepper and then he got the lottery ticket. He said. 'Hey Rani, did you see me doing that on the road?' I said, 'Whatever,’" Sajjad Virani, the store owner reported.

Oklahoma County had previously called Oklahoma Highway Patrol for help.

Soon, troopers surrounded the store.

"I said there is no car over there. Where is she going? The next thing, I heard cops coming from all over," said Virani.

"They were both taken from the scene and booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center, pending their transfer to LeFlore County," said Myers.

Harris has warrants for assault & battery on an officer, domestic assault and battery and burglary.

Smallwood is wanted for stolen property, conspiracy, and larceny crimes.

"Nobody got hurt. It was just a stupid thing that happened. Maybe when I see them again, they are going to laugh about it," said Virani.

Oklahoma County said they won't be filing any complaints for the police chase.