Oklahoma’s District Superintendents Discuss Different Plans For Upcoming School Year

Friday, August 7th 2020, 6:01 pm


The superintendents from Oklahoma City, Edmond, Millwood and Yukon Public Schools met on Zoom Friday to discuss their different plans for the upcoming school year.

“This is what we do is make decisions and make tough decisions. The difference in this situation is just about every decision is a lose-lose,” Cecilia Robinson-Woods, Superintendent Of Millwood Public Schools said.

Each district is taking a different approach.

OKCPS will start all virtual later this month with two options to choose from.

Yukon will have traditional and virtual options.

Millwood is mostly virtual, with in-person options for special needs.

Edmond will have a blended model, with students alternating in-person days with virtual days.

“A blended model is kind of like walking down the highway and everyone's hitting you on both sides, because you really have made about two-thirds of the people upset,” Bret Towne, Superintendent of Edmond Public Schools said.

District leaders said they're tracking different data to determine when would be a safe time to go back to traditional schooling.

Each district plans to communicate and meet with parents to provide necessary technology.