OG&E Crews Heading To New Jersey To Aid In Tropical Storm Isaias Damage

Thursday, August 6th 2020, 8:10 am


OG&E said 65 line crews and support personnel will be part of the convoy headed to New Jersey to help with damage caused by Tropical Storm Isaias. Jersey Central Power and Light requested the crews for assistance.

Isaias knocked out power to more than three million people on the east coast when the tropical storm hit Tuesday.

Electric providers in from the Carolinas to New England are asking for approximately 10,000 linemen from different partner companies across the country.

Before crews left Thursday morning, they gathered for a pep talk and went over safety procedures before making the 1,500-mile trip to New Jersey.

OG&E crews were originally headed to Florida when Isaias was expected to make landfall earlier this week. After the storm moved up towards the Carolinas and the northern part of the east coast, that's where their service was truly needed.

"Getting these crews together and making sure their families are safe, making sure we can provide safety for our member is critical for us," OG&E Preparedness Manager Mike Douglas said.

OG&E said crews are expected to arrive by Saturday evening to Holmdel, New Jersey. They will officially begin work on Sunday.