'Unite Norman' Leader Clashes With Agitators, Police Investigate

Wednesday, August 5th 2020, 6:56 pm

A prominent Norman police supporter is now part of a Norman police investigation as tensions between the group Unite Norman and agitators boiled over.

Norman police told News 9 a group of people in a car admitted to circling a Unite Norman meeting on Sussan Moghadam’s private property. According to police, the people in the car said they were playing loud profanity laden music and yelling at the group’s volunteers.

That’s when, according to video from within the car, Moghadam took matters into his own hands, grabbing a brick.

“I’m doing a citizen’s arrest,” Moghadam told the driver as he’s seen leaning in the window, brick in hand.

The driver told the Norman developer, he’s going to roll up the window and leave.

Moghadam placed the brick behind one of the car’s front tires as the car backs up.

Moghadam claims they also ran over his foot.

News 9 reached out to the individuals in the car but did not hear back.

While the car is still in reverse, video shows Moghadam picking the brick up off the ground and throwing it at the car.

“It appears that the brick does not hit the vehicle,” Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department said.

According to police, the people in the car elected to not press charges, however, Jensen said the department is still investigating.

“That could potentially be some form of an attempted vandalism,” she said. “There’s also the other individual that had the brick in the hand, his foot was run over too allegedly, those are the type of things we are investigating.”

One of Moghadam’s co-leaders Russell Smith said the car revved its engine, making the group of about 80 volunteers afraid.

“He was there in a self-defense capacity defense for volunteers,” Smith said. “They were asked to leave, they didn’t and this comes after recent tweets and posts about (opponents) running us over encouraging people to run us over.”

Asked whether Moghadam regrets throwing the brick, Smith said, “I haven’t heard, talked to Sassan today. I think Sassan jettisoned to the brick on the ground. He was pretty frightened for the female volunteers in the area.”