OKC Fire Dive Team Rescues Man From Stolen Truck Involved In Pursuit

Wednesday, August 5th 2020, 5:13 pm


A 21-year-old pursuit suspect was caught on Wednesday by Oklahoma City police after he attempted to flee after he crashed a truck in a ditch.

Police arrested Eric Poore, 21, near Southwest 15th Street and Portland Avenue. The man’s passenger was left trapped in the truck and had to be rescued by the Oklahoma City Fire Department’s dive team.

The pursuit started near a motel on South MacArthur. Master Sergeant Chris Spillman was the first officer on the call.

“The truck it was pulling out of the Green Carpet Inn at 5th Street and McArthur,” said MSgt. Chris Spillman, Oklahoma City Police Department. “I ran the tag and it came back stolen.”

Police said the truck Poore was driving was reported stolen from a local car rental business two days before.

“We attempted to stop the vehicle,” said Spillman. “It briefly stopped for us and it took off and initiated a pursuit.”

While speeding down Southwest 15th, Poore lost control and went flying into a ditch. The truck landed nose down. Poore managed to free himself from the truck and tried to run from police.

“The driver did get out,” said Spillman. “The second unit that was with me he went farther down the creek and he saw him. Took him into custody and came out of the water.”

Poore's passenger was not so lucky. Police called the fire department to do a water rescue. The dive team responded even though the man was not in danger of drowning.   

“We were able to extricate the victim through the back window of the pickup,” said Major Andrew McCann, Oklahoma City Fire Department.

The passenger was taken to the hospital by EMSA with non-life threatening injuries. 

During the search of the truck police found a large bag of methamphetamines and cash.

Spillman said the crash could have had a much different ending.

“They are the only vehicle that crashed,” said Spillman. “No other citizens were involved, and no officers were involved in the accident.”

Poore was booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on drug-related complaints and eluding police.