Unite Norman Gains Enough Signatures In Push To Recall 2 City Council Members

Monday, August 3rd 2020, 5:51 pm

NORMAN, Okla. -

The group called Unite Norman filed to recall four city council people and the mayor in July. As they continue with their verification process, Unite Norman said by the looks of what they have now; they have enough signatures to put one active city councilperson on the recall ballot.

"We have enough signatures on 5 and 3, and we will turn in," said Russell Smith, with Unite Norman.

The group hopes to remove Norman Mayor Breea Clark and four city council people in Wards 1, 3, 5, and 7.

The group said it has enough signatures for a recall vote on Ward 3 councilwoman Alison Petrone.

They have also collected what they need for Ward 5's Sereta Wilson, but Wilson recently resigned.

On July 23, Wilson announced her resignation, stating on Facebook: "It is with sadness and a bit of trepidation and some ego smoothing, that I have decided to resign my seat on council because my new house is located in Ward 4."

Her last day on the council will be August 11.

"The other wards and mayor is going well. We are closing in on them," said Smith.

The petitioners must collect 1,900 signatures for Ward 1 and a little less than 1,500 for Ward 7.

To get a recall election on the mayor, the group needs 18,000 plus signatures.

"We believe the people have spoken overwhelmingly; these people were voted in with less votes than we have signatures," said Smith.

The group said the city council is too progressive.

"We want to call on every Normanite who believes the city council is way too radical. Now the Mayor put out a resolution to have 16-year old's vote in the city,” said Smith. "This is the sort of leadership we have in the city that they come up with these concepts like defunding the police, sanctuary cities and letting 16-year old's vote. We think that is radical and dangerous and does not represent our values."

August 14 is the due date for the petition.