Oklahoma Together: OKC Nonprofits Receiving COVID-19 Relief Grant

Friday, July 31st 2020, 6:35 pm
By: Tevis Hillis


An emergency relief grant is helping nonprofits that are not able to operate due to the pandemic.

The Oklahoma City city council approved the grant money on May 12. The grant allows nonprofits who serve low to moderate-income community members to apply. 

The grant went live Friday.

"Their demand for their resources are greater than they have ever been," Oklahoma City Planning Department Senior Planner Amanda Alewine said.

The grant plans to award $1 million to nonprofits that apply across the metro. Alewine said she thinks there is room to help more than 50 organizations. 

"A lot of our nonprofit organizations, and what our economy is going through, a lot of their funding resources have depleted or have gone away," Alewine said. 

The grant might be the boost nonprofits need as they lend their hands to the community.

"The money can be used to recover lost or diminished funding from loss or revenue from closing or canceled programming," Alewine said. "The money can be used to provide mission issued programs and services to provide supplies for COVID-19."

Each nonprofit can ask for up to $24,000. 

Nonprofits can apply for the grant here.