Firefighters Take Next Step To Become Sergeants With OKCFD

Friday, July 24th 2020, 6:15 am

Oklahoma City -

25 new Oklahoma City Fire Sergeants wrapped up their first week at the department’s Sergeants Academy.

Friday, the new sergeants took a test to determine who will be the first to take on the new role in the field.

“Everybody’s excited to be at the Sergeants Academy because it means they made the list,” said Major Wiley Gabehart, a training officer with the OKC Fire Department.

Since Monday, they’ve been in a classroom learning how to lead crews on the rig as a new sergeant in a first level supervisor position.

“They’re going to go from the backseat of the rig, where the officers and drivers formally work,” said Gabehart. “Now they’re going to be at the front of that rig, driving it every single day. And when they’re officer takes off, for vacation or holiday or whatever, they’re going to step into being the company officer for that day.”

This year’s sergeant academy is a little different because of COVID-19. Before the firefighters go into the classroom, they have to mask up and get their temperatures taken. Inside the class they’re all learning at least six feet apart from each other.

“But we’re still marching on because our citizens are still going to need for these people to get promoted and fulfill these positions,” said Gabehart

It wasn’t easy to get into this academy. Some say they studied for 12-hours a day just to prepare for the 100 question test.

Corporal Javvero Baker was one of the 25 who actually made the cut.

“This pandemic actually helped. Really gave me more time to really just focus. You couldn’t really have any outside distractions,” he said. “It’s exciting. It’s a new position so obviously there are going to be some nerves that come with it.”

Next week, training officers say the sergeants will move on to driving the firetruck, learning emergency driving rules, engine and ladder operations.