OKCPS Mother Offers Advice To Parents About Virtual Learning

Wednesday, July 22nd 2020, 9:59 pm

Oklahoma City Public Schools said it'll provide hotspots for families who don't have access to the Internet.

The district’s plan to start the fall semester online has raised a lot of concerns, but one mother told News 9 she is prepared.

Ilia Viloria-Johnson said the decision to keep her kids with her was an easy one because she's able to work from home.

However, she has friends and co-workers who are unsure of how they will manage.

Come Aug. 31, 7-year-old Karina Johnson and her 6-year-old Kylie Johnson will head back to their makeshift classrooms at home.

“I have a little dining room area, and I made it a school area, so I had them make their own name plate. They decorated just like they would in school,” said Viloria-Johnson.

Viloria-Johnson said last school year, they learned together and are prepared to handle at least another four weeks online.

“They're a little older now and Zoom is like a norm,” said Viloria-Johnson.

While there were some bumps along the road at first, Viloria-Johnson said they’ve got a handle on things now.

“Having two little ones not really grasping that mommy is home, but not really home, not to have fun or go outside and play, that we have to school,” said Viloria-Johnson.

Karina and Kylie now look forward to seeing their teachers and friends.

“We get to our teacher and have fun learning,” said Karina Johnson.

“It feels so great you get to meet new people on there, and you get to play new games and you get to read books,” said Kylie Johnson.

While the Johnsons are looking forward to the school year, Viloria-Johnson said the continued online learning brings uncertainty for many others.

“I have couples where they are having to make a decision who stays home, who doesn’t, that kind of thing, so it’s been stressful,” said Viloria-Johnson.

Viloria-Johnson said organization is key to making the virtual classroom work for her and her children.