Norman Public Schools Offer Additional Virtual Learning Plan, Share Concerns About Back To School

Tuesday, July 21st 2020, 8:26 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

Norman -

Norman Public School leaders are offering families another virtual learning option this fall that will allow students to learn from their teachers.

Last week, the district planned to offer traditional, blended, or virtual learning. It said the virtual courses will be modified and approved by the district, but are not taught by Norman Public Schools teachers.

The district has announced major points for the upcoming semester like mandatory face coverings, but have not settled on many details.

More than 2,000 Norman Public School parents have signed a petition, asking the district to delay the new school year and to roll out a more detailed plan.

Many of those same concerns were voiced during Monday night’s meeting.

“My husband and I cannot send our children to a petri dish for a virus we have no immunity or vaccine for.” said MaryAnn Martin, a concerned Norman Public Schools parent.

“We don’t want to quit, we don’t want to work in an environment that’s not safe,” said Sara Doolittle, a Norman High School teacher. “How many of us will retire? How many will leave? How many will dutifully return… but in doing so put themselves at risk?”

The district said all plans are subject to change depending on the current COVID-19 situation.

The superintendent said the district should be hearing from state education leaders about more guidelines and resources soon.