Tight Vote Expected On Oklahoma City Mask Mandate

Thursday, July 16th 2020, 5:43 pm
By: Karl Torp


The Oklahoma City City Council will decide on an emergency mask mandate Friday.

On Thursday, the city council heard from medical experts during a forum to once again plead for a mask requirement.

The forum was held with the OKC-City County Health Department.

It addressed other COVID-19 related issues like the *possibility of eventually closing down restaurants and bars again.

However, the majority of the conversation dealt with a mask mandate in public places.

It would take effect immediately with 7 out of 9 councilmembers voting yes.

News 9 has learned that as of Thursday Councilmen Larry McAtee and James Greiner were voting no.

Thursday, we spoke to Councilman Todd Stone who said he’s still undecided but admits he’s leaning "No."

“My thing is really about communication and getting the entire community to rally behind this effort, not necessarily saying we have to have a mandate,” said Stone.

Since it’s an emergency ordinance, it needs 7 votes to take effect immediately.

If it passes with 5 of 6 votes, it will be treated like a normal ordinance and wouldn't go into effect until August 21.

Either way the ordinance would last until September 8 and be enforced with fines that could go up to $500 for multiple offenses.