Norman Educators Issue List Of Demands Following Back To School Plan

Thursday, July 16th 2020, 5:02 pm
By: Tevis Hillis

NORMAN, Okla. -

The Professional Educators of Norman released demands asking not for their district to change the back to school plans, but on state and federal officials to listen.

"We are standing with our district who put out the plan on Tuesday, but we believe many of the items are already in Norman Public Schools plan," said Cari Elledge, the President of Professional Educators of Norman.

Norman educators said they understand the district can only do so much, so they have come up with six demands they want to see become state or federal requirements before school resumes this fall.

Those demands include facial coverings for anyone learning in-person, temperature checks, enforcing social distancing, giving both students and staff a choice on how they teach and learn, and a clear direction on how teachers and students will quarantine if they test positive.

But money is also a factor.

"Some of our own educators will not be able to afford what we need," said Elledge. "Right now, it is hard to find hand sanitizer wipes and things we need to be taken care of."

They said the state has the power to buy these items, and they are hoping that happens.

"Ultimately, if we have to ask ourselves if in-person school is safe and it is not, then we have our answer," said Elledge.

The group said out of their 600 teachers and staff members, more than half are deemed high risk or take care of someone who is high risk.