OKCPS Recommending Mask Requirement For Middle, High School Students

Wednesday, July 15th 2020, 5:25 pm
By: Karl Torp


Oklahoma City Public Schools said with the latest surge in COVID cases it is now recommending a mask mandate for its middle and high school students.

This is a big change from 15 days ago when the district said it masks would be strongly recommended.

Under the new recommendation, all 5th through 12th graders will be required to show up to school wearing a mask.

All Pre-K through 4th graders will be *expected to have a mask on at school.

“We want to teach them why and when to wear the mask and when there would be mask breaks,” said OKCPS Asst. Superintendent Jason Brown, about younger students wearing a mask.

The entire board is expected to vote on the recommendation on Tuesday.

Brown said the mask policy will use common sense in deciding when a mask will be worn during student activities like sports.

Brown gave the example of a player not wearing a mask on the field or court but wearing one on the sidelines or dugout.

The OKCPS School Board is expected to vote on the new mask recommendations early next week.