Norman, Putnam City Schools Announce Back To School Plan

Wednesday, July 15th 2020, 6:57 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

Norman and Putnam City School districts said they will require students to wear masks when they head back to school in August. They’ll also both provide Traditional and Virtual learning options for their students.

If Putnam City students opt for the traditional learning, they’ll be required to wear masks and social distance. Those students will continue to practice virtual learning just in case they need to make the switch.

The district said there may be remote learning and virtual days depending on the current COVID-19 situation. If students decide to go virtual, they must commit to it for at least one full semester.

The district said it will use teachers for the kindergarten through second grade programs and third through 12 graders will be learning from the Odyssey Ware Platform.

In Norman Public Schools traditional model, eight virtual learning days will be built into the school year, just to make sure everyone can make the switch if they have to.

If students decide to go the online route, they’ll enroll in the NPS ExpandED program, which are courses that have been modified and approved by the district.

All courses are virtual but not all coursework will be done on the computer.

Students will have 18 weeks to complete the self-paced courses.

No matter which route the students decide to take, both districts said they can still participate in extracurricular activities.