Suspect Arrested After Alleged Arson Attack Involving 2-Year-Old

Tuesday, July 14th 2020, 9:28 pm


A man is in custody after allegedly stealing property, and for trying to light his girlfriend and her child on fire.

On June 28, investigators got a call that William Curtis Lynn attempted to steal a car that had a child inside.

The Pottawatomie County sheriff said deputies have since learned that Lynn lit a pillowcase on fire and threw it at the 2-year-old who was in a car seat.

Police reported Lynn got away that night, but Monday afternoon was tracked down to his father's house on Lake Road.

The sheriff said that they pleaded with Lynn to release his father during the tense three hour long standoff.

A vehicle was used to break through the garage to get the suspect to s=come out, investigators said Lynn had used a large amount of meth during the standoff.

He's now at OU Medical Center, following a previous run-in with deputies.

"We had a pursuit recently in June where he crashed out, had a firearm after felony conviction," said Sheriff Mike Booth, Pottawatomie County Sheriff. "They determined there that his hip that he had hurt in a crash in the last pursuit was septic."

It's unknown if the child and woman were hurt during the alleged arson attack.

We don't know how serious Lynn's condition is, or when he might be able to make it to court.

Sheriff Booth said Lynn has a lengthy criminal history, and it's time to send him away for good.

"I personally have been involved in cases with him, after I became sheriff. The first one was early in 2009...ex-girlfriend, he was ramming her vehicle," he said.

No law enforcement officers were hurt during the standoff.