SW OKC Family Counts Blessings After Car Slams Into Their Home

Tuesday, July 14th 2020, 7:23 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


An Oklahoma City family was forced out of their home near Southwest 29th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday after a pursuit suspect slammed into their home with a car. Police said the suspect ran from the car and was not found.

Jensine Cabrera’s home is now in shambles. 

“We thought it was another thunderstorm or something,” said resident Jensine Cabrera.

But the damage is not from a storm. Cabrera, her husband and six-month-old baby were jolted out of bed when a car slammed into the side of their home. Only feet from where they were sleeping.

“We were pushed all the way to the right,” said Cabrera. “We have a pull-out couch and that’s where we were sleeping. We normally never sleep there.”

She said not sleeping in the bedroom likely saved their lives. The room was completely covered in debris.

“It wasn’t our time,” said Cabrera. “God had other plans; he has other plans for us.”

She did not know anything about the man who plowed into their home. Only that he was in a pursuit with police that started near Southwest 20th and Pennsylvania and abandoned the stolen car he was driving after he hit their home.

Cabrera called 911 after the shocking crash.

911 Caller: “A car ran into my house.”

911 Dispatcher: “Is it still there?”

911 Caller: “Um, yes. There’s no one in the vehicle.”

“A Hispanic male ran from that vehicle and was not taken into custody,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Despite efforts looking for him in that area.”

Even though the young parents now have nothing left.

“The fact that everything is just gone is very, very frustrating,” said Cabrera. “We both are working very hard and for someone to make us just start all over is very frustrating.”

Cabrera counted her blessings her family was still together.

“In a blink of an eye,” said Cabrera. “My life, my son’s life and my husband’s life could have easily been taken by someone else.”

As for the suspect, the car he was driving was reported stolen from a home in May.