Edmond City Council Plans To Revisit Topic Of Mask Mandate On Week-To-Week Basis

Monday, July 13th 2020, 10:46 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

Monday night Edmond City Council members discussed whether to enforce a mask mandate, but ultimately decided to revisit the issue on a week to week basis.

In the meantime, businesses will be required to post their mask policy on their front doors.

Council members said citizens and businesses had already taken matters into their own hands---for the most part opting to mask. For now, they said the decision will ultimately be up to their citizens who have mixed opinions.                  

“We don't know enough about this virus I think the really simple thing to say is you must wear a mask, it's mandated,” said one Edmond citizen.            

“I will not shop at stores that force masks. I will choose another place to shop,” said another citizen.

Citizens and council members weighed in on what Edmond Mayor Dan O'Neil called a spirited conversation.

“We are big people, we are adults, we can decide if we want to wear masks or not,” said an Edmond citizen.

A majority of council members agreed.

“I think it's inappropriate for us to mandate masks,” said Edmond Mayor Dan O’Neil.

“I’m not anti-mask, I’m not pro-mask, I’m pro-choice,” said Edmond councilman Nick Massey.                        

Others did not.

“I would recommend we put some order in place for face coverings,” said councilman Darrell Davis.

After an hour-long discussion, council members ultimately decided on business signs that clearly post a mask policy. Letting citizens decide.

“What we can do is come together like we always have. This battle, this crisis will take all of us, not 90 percent. There is no me or I, it’s we,” said another citizen.

According to the council, Edmond businesses have seven days from Monday to get the signs posted to their front doors.