Infant Crisis Services Continues To Meet High Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday, July 13th 2020, 10:32 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

Now more than ever at Infant Crisis Services, employees are working to meet the demand of parents struggling to feed their children in and around the metro.

Now that the nonprofit is mobile again, they’re beginning to see the need firsthand.

It was just four months ago when shelves were nearly wiped clean at Infant Crisis Services. Parents were unsure where their child’s next meal would be coming from.

“I feel like at this point everybody has kind of started settling into what the reality is going to be for a while,” said Amanda Howell, Manager of Communications at Infant Crisis Services.

It is a dark reality. Infant Crisis Services said 30% of clients seen every day are new clients.

“People are still losing their jobs, or their hours are cut back so there is definitely a lot of financial hardship out there,” said Howell.

After being parked for six weeks, the nonprofit’s BabyMobile which brings supplies to a 20-county community is seeing hardship firsthand.

“We’ve seen double the amount of clients that we were serving previously,” said Nicole Sukenis, Manager of BabyMobile Service. “Of course, a ton of unemployment families that are really struggling and needing a little bit of extra support right now.”

With the demand, comes a hit in supplies.

“This is where we keep our wipes and as you can see it’s getting pretty low,” said Sukenis. “This is pretty rare to have this many on the bus after going out. It is a hot commodity right now. It is really hard to come by.”

While it may seem things have gone back to a new “normal,” for Infant Crisis Services it is anything but.

“I think if you haven’t lost your job or you haven’t been affected, it’s easy to forget that there are people out there that still need help now more than ever,” said Sukenis.

Infant Crisis Services said donations of diapers of all sizes and wipes are the most needed.

Infant Crisis Services is accepting donations online. An Amazon wish list has been set up for Infant Crisis Services.

A schedule is posted on Infant Crisis Services’ website of where the BabyMobile will be next.