Police Standoff With Suspect Causes Property Damage In SW OKC

Sunday, July 12th 2020, 10:23 pm
By: Hunter McKee


A homeowner is shocked after police forced their way into one of her rent houses and arrested a suspected gunman.  

After a three-hour standoff that began late Saturday night and ended early Sunday morning, police were able to make an arrest.

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The homeowner said while she currently rents the property, it still holds a special place in her heart. 

"I was stunned because the house has ​such meaning to me,” property owner Paula Rimiriz said. "This is the house I raised my children in."

Rimirez and her husband bought the home in the 1970's. After living in the home for several, she decided to rent it out. ​

Rimirez said the suspect is related to her current tenants.

"They're good people," Rimirez said. "Wonderful children. It would have been crushing to think that they had been hurt."

While it's served as a happy home, police closed in as an armored vehicle sat parked outside Sunday morning. ​ Police forced their way inside after waiting several hours in the rain.​

"The screen door’s laying out in the yard. It looks like there's damage," Rimirez said.

According to police, the suspect was one of two men involved in a shooting Saturday at agas station at Southwest 29th Street and South May Avenue. ​​

The victim remains in critical condition. The search for a second suspect is ongoing.