McLoud Police Release New Information On Ledbetter Case

Friday, July 10th 2020, 9:09 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

It was a hot, early June day when FBI agents and OHP troopers raided the home of Christopher Ledbetter and his family.

A search warrant revealed they found various weapons. Ledbetter, a former marine, has since pleaded guilty to illegally owning a machine gun.

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News 9 confirmed that police and federal agents had been investigating Ledbetter since February.

Investigators believed he was coordinating a militia to wage war against local officers.

Ledbetter's family said those allegations were false then and blown out of proportion now.

They were aware of the illegal weapon but argued that Ledbetter was the target of a much deeper dispute involving McLoud Police.

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In February, Ledbetter lived near a McLoud police officer, and told News 9 the two got into an argument after an officer illegally dumped trash into the Ledbetter's dumpster.

"The first-time we had ever heard of Christopher Ledbetter," said McLoud Police Chief Wes Elliott. "Officer Todd Jones was relieved of duty immediately afterwards."

After the termination, Elliott said Ledbetter continued to harass the department, and post videos online.

They said that's how the department discovered Ledbetter had an illegal machine gun, and the FBI was requested.

"He came into the McLoud Police Department with a loaded AK47, and I believe a pistol. He threatened to spill officer's blood," said Pottawatomie County District Attorney Allan Grubb.

Grubb said while he supports first amendment rights, Ledbetter violated the law by bringing the weapon inside the department.

Ledbetter's family claims the reason for his actions were in an effort to expose a school resource officer who they accused of making a sexual comment to a student.

Joann Johnson, Ledbetter's mother, said she has a recording of the confrontation, but could not release it to News 9.

The chief said they never found proof of the incident, or allegation.

"They looked into it and they didn't find anything there. We looked into and didn't find anything there," said Chief Elliot.


Within the last week, a new video has surfaced on YouTube.

An unidentified group made threats to anyone who might hurt Ledbetter while he is in custody.

"We believe where there is smoke, there is fire, and this case is hot with corruption," the video stated. "We do not forgive. Make sure Christopher stays alive and well. We do not forgive. We do not forget."

Ledbetter awaits federal sentencing for the weapon charge.

However, that does not mean the case is closed.

"The support he was gaining, and the people that were involved in the same instances, you'll probably at some point in the near future see charges against those people," said Grubb.

Ledbetter's sentencing has not yet been scheduled.