Thieves Steal Truck From Veterans Charity

Thursday, July 9th 2020, 6:58 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

You would think an old pickup that’s used to help veterans would be off limits to thieves. But you’d be wrong.

This week, someone stole an 8-year-old pickup truck from the offices of Honoring America’s Warriors, an organization that provides outdoor and adaptive dog programs for disabled vets, which is what the truck was used for. 

“Take dogs to the vet and do just about everything we do in the organization with it. I don’t go on vacations and I don’t travel so about the only place this vehicle goes with me is when we’re working for the organization,” Said Scotty Deatherage of Honoring Americas Warriors.

The thieves took the doors of the truck. They clearly knew exactly what they wanted, cutting the hinges with a Sawzall and snipping the wiring harness. They didn’t take anything else. But with 200,000 miles on the old truck, there’s a good chance the insurance company will just total it. 

“Yeah, there’s still going to be some out of pocket costs. You’ve got the deductible and the cost if being without it. Having to ride around in a rental car. And the inconvenience,” Deatherage said.

That’s frustrating. But not as frustrating as knowing that some things that should be off limits to thieves, aren’t.

“Obviously they took this one for parts that they needed for something else but you would think that any American citizen would have the decency to say, OK, this is a veterans organization let’s leave that one alone. Nah. It’s too bad,” Deatherage said. “There’s bad in the world. There’s no question.”