Police Investigate NW OKC Drive-By Shooting After An Elderly Woman Was Injured

Wednesday, July 8th 2020, 5:38 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

A 79-year-old woman was taken to OU Medical Center on Tuesday after a bullet went through her northwest Oklahoma City apartment and hit her in the hip.

While she recovers at a relative’s home, investigators searched for the suspects involved in the drive-by shooting.

Apartment residents are furious someone targeted their homes on Melrose Lane near Rockwell Avenue.

“It could have been a death instead of an injury,” said Miecha, a witness.

The bullet hole that went into the victim’s apartment while she was asleep is still visible. The woman’s next door neighbor recalled hearing the gunfire.

“I think there was more than 10 of them,” said Miecha. “It sounded really, really close to my window. Literally, it was right outside my window.”

One of the bullets hit her new Camaro in the engine. Two other cars in the parking lot also have visible bullet holes.

Police said no one called 911 and they were notified after the victim showed up at the hospital.

“A police officer was notified by a chaplain from a local hospital they had a female patient come in,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “A 79-year-old patient came in with a gun shot wound to her hip.”

Investigators later found surveillance video in the area of the car involved in the shooting, but they were not sure who the intended target was.

“We simply don’t know what the motive was,” said Knight. “If they were shooting at somebody in particular or why they opened fire in the area.”

Residents said any of them could have been caught in the gunfire.

“Bullets don’t have names so you know it could have been worse. I could have been us or something could have happened to my son,” said Miecha. “It’s senseless. We have enough going on right now.”

The victim said she is still in a lot of pain. She does plan to move because she said the area is too dangerous.