Cancer Patient Takes Steps To Preserve Her Fertility Options

Wednesday, July 8th 2020, 3:54 pm
By: Kelsey Kernstine

A young woman with a rare cancer diagnosis is taking steps now to make sure she can have a family in the future.

At 27, Corinne Dinges said she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare and deadly cancer.

"You feel like you have no control over anything,” Dinges said.

Not only was she in the fight of her life, Dinges was also worried whether she could still have the family she dreamed of.

Cancer treatments can cause long-term damage to the reproductive system, and she knew preserving her fertility was a costly precaution.

"I don't want to bankrupt my family over this. Cancer is already so scary and expensive,” Dinges said.

Even as an OB/GYN resident, she had no idea what her fertility options were.

Dr. Latosha Craig said many cancer physicians never even talk about fertility preservation. Usually, they're too focused on getting rid of the disease.

"If the patient doesn't bring it up, and the doctor doesn’t say anything, it's probably too late for me to bring it up," Dr. Craig said.

Dinges said lucky for her, with a medical background, she knew preserving her fertility was crucial.

"You can start fertility preservation immediately,” Dinges said.

Within days, she was set to freeze her eggs.

"The day that I started chemo was actually the day that I got my eggs harvested,” Dinges said.

Craig said the options are endless; freezing your eggs, embryos, or ovaries to name a few.

“There is life after cancer and most people go onto live their life,” Craig said.

"Don't just give up on something because of the price tag,” Dinges said.

Dinges said there are nonprofits and medical groups out there that can help with the cost.

“They give you a little ultrasound, you can see the follicle where they get the little eggs and I have it up in my room. I call it my little joy,” Dinges said.

Dinges said now a year and a half later, she's in her second fight with cancer. It's leukemia this time.

But she's thankful that when she's done with the fight, she can still have the family she always wanted.