Edmond Public Schools Superintendent 'Optimistically Concerned' Heading Into New Academic Year

Tuesday, July 7th 2020, 5:14 pm
By: Erica Rankin

The Edmond's School Board voted Monday night and approved their 2020-2021 back to school plan.

The plan does bring students back to school, but with changes.

Middle school students, high school students, kids on a bus and staff will all be required to wear a mask.

Some parents said that is perfectly fine with them.

“If it can help them and not hurt them then why not make the wear them,” said Angela Little, a parent of twins going into high school.

But, for elementary students, they won’t be required to wear a mask. They will only be required to have one with them.

If, students don’t want to return to school in person they can chose the virtual option, VE, which sign-ups are happening right now. If a student chooses the virtual option, they will be able to still participate in extracurricular activities.

“There is a three-week sign-up period right now, and then when school starts, students will have 14 days to decide to stay in it or not,” said Superintendent Bret Towne.

Drop off will be another part of the school day that will be looking different.

EPS has asked parents not walk their kids up to the doors to drop them off.

Start times also are different than past years.

Parents said these are a lot of changes, but ones they are willing to deal with.

“There is no handbook for this and I think we need to give our district leaders some grace and things are ever changing,” said Little.

Click here if you would like more details on the 30-page back to school plan.