Norman City Council Meeting To Discuss Face Mask Mandates For Residents

Tuesday, July 7th 2020, 5:02 am
By: Ashley Holden

Norman -

The Norman City Council will discuss a new ordinance that would require people to wear masks at a meeting Tuesday.

According to Norman's council, the goal is to keep businesses open but stop the community spread of COVID-19 the city has recently seen.

This new ordinance would require a face mask inside businesses that serve people and other public settings where social distancing is difficult until possibly November 30th.

There are exceptions, like children under the age of 6 or those with disabilities, if someone is swimming or doing an intense activity or when eating or drinking.

The city says it will make signs for businesses announcing the mandate and owners would be required to post those.

News 9 talked to one of the co-owners of Beer is Good Brewing Company, Justin Wilson. He said he supports the potential mandate.

"Our company is very supportive of doing anything we can to protect our customers and our staff, and I'm in favor of it," said Wilson. "At least until they get to their table, and they can remove it and enjoy a few beers and conversations safely."

Wilson said about 50 percent of their customers wear masks and thinks the potential ordinance may be tough to enforce. 

"It's tough for me to direct my employees to kind of be the strong person to keep someone from entering the business without a mask, puts us in a little bit of an odd position," said Wilson. "But I think for the case of public safety, I think its a good idea."

Violators could receive an up to a $500 fine or jail time.

Norman isn't the only city considering changes. On Monday, Edmond and Stillwater officials discussed their own changes. Edmond ended up not making changes to their emergency declaration. Stillwater city council made a motion for a second reading of their own mask mandate.

Norman officials are scheduled to meet virtually at 6 p.m.