Metro Military Family Struggles As Pregnant Wife Tests Positive For COVID-19

Monday, July 6th 2020, 10:20 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A metro military family is struggling after a pregnant wife, who’s health is improving slowly, testsed positive for COVID-19.

Chris McKenzie said his wife, Carly, tested positive for COVID-19 on June 27.

Almost immediately Carly was admitted to the hospital at Integris. Currently, she’s sedated on a ventilator.

Chris is a solider with the Oklahoma National Guard. He served overseas in Iraq from 2006-2007. He also served in Afghanistan from 2012-2013. Carly is a marine who worked domestically.

After showing some symptoms, family thought Carly had either Pneumonia or bronchitis.

“This can’t be true,” said Chris. “My wife, she didn’t go anywhere, she literally stayed home, and we had food brought to us.”

Carly was extra cautious for good reason.

“She has lymphoma and she has leukemia,” said Chris. “The lymphoma is never really been too scary of a thing because it is treatable, but the leukemia is not.”

In order to survive, Chris said his wife needed a C-section at just 7 months along in her pregnancy.

Oliver Christian McKenzie was born two months early, coming in at 2 lbs., 13 ounces.

“He was real unresponsive for the first day, we were hoping it was because of the medication that his mom was on,” said Chris. “He’s just pulled through like a champ. Finally, for the first time since July 2 got to hold him.”

Chris is unable to work at the moment. His friends from the military started a GoFundMe to help the family with a baby sooner than expected and medical bills from staying at Integris.

“Fortunately, she (Carly) is at a point now where she is starting to breathe on her own,” said Chris. “Once they delivered the baby, she was able to start fighting for her life. It was short of a miracle. Within 18 hours she went from 100 percent oxygen from the machine to 50 percent.”

“I’ve found myself sitting here at home wondering if my wife is going to live day after day until finally, they’re like that’s not on the table anymore,” said Chris.

The family is counting down the days until they’re reunited. It’s answered prayers, they believe, that got this marine through her darkest days.

“I wish that I could be there for her. I wish that I could hold her hand,” said Chris. “I wish that I could show her our son but that is all going to come in time. Just patience from this point.”

Carly may be able to come home in about 2-3 months, Chris said. Baby Oliver will be able to come home in two months.

Chris said Integris doctors believe it’ll be about a year before Carly will get back to a normal life.