Norman Police Investigate 2 Officers Accused Of Sharing City Councilwoman's Personal Information

Thursday, July 2nd 2020, 5:36 pm
By: Tevis Hillis

Norman Police Department's internal affairs unit is investigating allegations against two officers.

These officers are accused of sharing personal information online about a city councilwoman.

This all stems from a now-deleted Facebook post over the weekend where city councilwoman Alexandra Scott said she was the intended target of an alleged sexual assault involving her neighbor.

Scott was also concerned about her address being leaked online and said it was done by police officers.

"We have become aware of concerns regarding some of our employee's social media activity, and we are reviewing that situation to determine if there's policy violations or matters we need to address regarding that," said Norman police Capt. Brent Barbour.

Barbour was not able to discuss some of the case, but he said the online post didn't involve private information.

"The majority we have seen is information that is publicly available by open records acts. So, there has been some concern of our employees accessing internal databases or other material; to my knowledge, we have not seen any of that," Barbour said.

News 9 spoke with Scott, who said, "They definitely shared my information," and "these officers endangered me and are accessories to crime."

She also said the OSBI should be investigating these officers and others involved.

Right now, the OSBI is involved in the sexual assault investigation but is not involved in Norman Police Department's internal review of the officers.