Teen Receives Award For Saving Toddler From Drowning At Scissortail Park Pond

Wednesday, July 1st 2020, 10:30 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

EDMOND, Okla. -

An Edmond teenager received EMSA’S “Everyday Hero Award” Wednesday for saving a toddler from drowning in the pond at Scissortail Park.

It happened during the evening of June 24 when Tanner Dutton, 17, noticed the toddler in the water and rushed to help.

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“At first what we thought was just a kid swimming in the pond,” said Dutton. “We’re like wait, he’s not supposed to be doing that, so we went over there and as we started to walk closer, we noticed he was actually drowning.”

Because of Dutton’s heroic actions, Jeremiah, 2, is able to spend another day playing.

Jeremiah’s mom was breastfeeding at the time when he left the splashpad and started heading right to the water.

“It happened so fast,” said Anessa Wheagar, Jeremiah’s mother. “I just left my belongings on the bench and just ran to my baby. He was standing, looking so weak. I was just grateful to see him standing up.”

Dutton was hurt, needing staples in his head.

“I didn’t think anything like this would happen,” said Dutton. “I just thought I would go on like every day, you know, I didn’t think it would catch fire and be such a big deal.”

 “He doesn’t even understand hardly what a huge favor he did for the mother and that baby. He saved a baby’s life and a mom from her worst nightmare,” said Dutton’s aunt, Kerri Garrett.

Despite a close call, it’s all smiles. In anything, there is a lesson to be learned.

“Take action, whether it’s call 911 or yell for help,” said John Graham, EMSA’s Chief of Staff. “Do what Tanner did, take action. We don’t just hand these awards out; they really mean something and people have gone above and beyond which he did.”

EMSA said if Dutton is thinking about a career as an EMT or paramedic, they would love to welcome him to the team.

Dutton is a senior at Edmond Santa Fe High School.