New Administrator, Trust Taking Over Oklahoma Co. Jail

Wednesday, July 1st 2020, 6:12 am
By: Ashley Holden

The new jail trust is officially taking over operations at the Oklahoma County jail, Wednesday.

For the first time in 130 years, the person in charge will not be the county sheriff, but instead the new jail administrator, Greg Williams.

This transfer of power has been a work in progress since May 2019 when the new jail trust was formed, but Williams has spent the past seven months preparing for. He says he hopes to boost morale on both sides of the bar. Williams also said there will be changes starting immediately. Those include changes to the food service and finding staff a place to eat. 

"Food service is really need some improvement," said Williams. "A lot of the equipment is broke, nearly all of the equipment is broke. The food quality is really not very good."

He also said he knows the building itself is in bad shape and that they will have gaps to fill when it comes to staff. 

The Sheriff's office moved out in just the last few weeks into the county-owned Krowse Building.

A new start could be right around the corner with Sheriff P.D. Taylor up for re-election. He still has a chance to become the Republican candidate but whoever gets the nod will face Democrat Wayland Cubit in November.