Norman City Leaders Weighing Options As COVID-19 Cases Surge

Friday, June 26th 2020, 6:22 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

Norman -

Norman city leaders asked residents if they’d be willing to make some changes instead of taking some steps backwards in the city’s reopening plans, according to the Oklahoman.

On Thursday, the city reported it’s seeing a jump in COVID-19 cases from 10 to 20. 

In it’s latest “Healthier at Home” survey, the city of Norman is asked residents if they’d be willing to wear masks and social distance during this spike. They also asked business owners if they would be able to enforce these rules and if their customers would follow them.

The paper reports city officials plan to meet within the next week to discuss what to do if COIVD-19 cases keep going up. That could include a mandatory mask policy or rolling back the city’s re-opening phases.

During a news conference Thursday, Governor Kevin Stitt said he’s reluctant to mandate wearing masks or shut down the economy even with a surge in cases.

“It’s about freedom. It’s about personal responsibility and again I think Oklahomans are doing a really good job,” said the governor. “Shutting down the economy with 277 people in the hospital, with the facts that are in Oklahoma right now, is not something I think we should do.” 

The Governor also said Oklahomans should continue to keep precautions.