State Districts Prepare For Start Of New School Year, Some Parents Express Concern

Thursday, June 25th 2020, 5:47 pm
By: Hunter McKee


With schools preparing their back to school plans, some parents are uncertain about sending their kids back too soon. 

For many schools, classes are set to begin in less than two months. Administrators are working to set a schedule and create a plan that keeps teachers and students safe.

“Offering what is best for our students and our staff, that is our top priority,” said Sheradee Hurst, Director of Communications for Putnam City Schools.

Putnam City along with a number of other school districts surveyed parents to see how they felt about their kids returning to school.

“Right now, we’re going through all of those responses,” said Hurst. “We value that feedback that’s so important to us to see what our community values.”

Putnam City has not released its survey, however, Mustang Public Schools did.

Forty-three percent of those who responded said they have some level of concern with returning back to school. Fifteen percent said they want a 100% virtual environment.

“At this point, with the rise again and so close to them going back to school I’m leaning more towards the virtual school,” said Mina Rios, a local parent.

For Rios, she has a third grader and is concerned how he will stay safe if the virus spreads in the classroom.

“Again, just the spread of it, it’s really concerning because we just never know again who has it, who’s carrying it,” Rios said. “They don't even know they're carrying it.”

Mustang has not finalized its plans for the year. Same goes for Putnam City. The district will announce its plan on July 14

Putnam City students will return August 21.

Oklahoma City Public Schools will provide an update on its plans Monday.