2 People Arrested, Accused Of Trying To Steal From OKC High School

Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 5:27 pm

Two burglary suspects were arrested by Oklahoma City police after police said they were seen on school security video attempting to steal science equipment.

Police said the two were busted after breaking into Northwest Classen High School last week.

The two accused took an unusual route to get inside the school. Arrest reports indicate they got in through a door on the roof that tripped an alarm.

While COVID-19 and the summer months keep students away from Northwest Classen High School, the suspects saw the closed building as a perfect opportunity.

A security guard on night duty heard an alarm and moments later, he spotted two men on camera on the second floor of the school.

Oklahoma City Public School District officials would not release the security video due to the investigation, but police confirmed he two burglary suspects were trying to steal school property. 

“Security was watching a live fee of two individuals entering the building and were attempting to load items from a science classroom into a box,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police said the two were attempting to steal a plant grow box and medical equipment but they did not get away with the property. Officers surrounded the building and caught the two as they were coming down off the roof.

Joshua Shields, 22, and Austin Goodwin, 23, were identified as the two in the security camera footage and were arrested.

“Both were arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County jail on second-degree burglary,” said Morgan.

Goodwin has a history of burglaries. He was charged as an adjudicated delinquent in 2013 with first-degree burglary.

District officials said this was not the first time the school was targeted.

Security cameras caught movement around the school the night before, but when guards and police showed up, no one was there.

In a statement, district officials said the cameras are new and already making a difference.

"Oklahoma City Public Schools is fully cooperating with law enforcement as they continue to investigate a burglary at Northwest Classen High School on June 17, 2020. OCPD’s swift response to the incident once alerted by OKCPS Campus Security Officers, along with the district’s investment in a series of security camera systems and other enhancements made possible by bond funding, were critical factors in the apprehension. OKCPS continues to be grateful to OKC voters for their support. Due to the ongoing law enforcement review in this case, we ask that all further inquiries be made to the Oklahoma City Police Department."